Mandate for the Mayor-Elect

De Blasio Protests the Layoffs of 500 LICH Nurses and Health Care Workers, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, October 28, 2013. (Photo: William Alatriste)

The Bronx Journal asked New Yorkers what they hoped Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio would do for the city and for them in particular.

Carlos Rodriguez 45, taxi driver, Bronx

“Offer more benefits to the elderly and the veterans and protect our children.”

Stanley Fritz, 27, constituent liaison at New York City Council, Manhattan

“Address the rising cost of rent in Harlem. Thousands of people will be forced out of the community if something is not done about this.”

Katherine Irizarry, 20, unemployed, Queens

“Fight animal cruelty and give homeless animals a shelter. Change the rule of putting down sheltered animals after three days.”

Philip Rivera, 26, iron worker, Queens

“I want a mayor that is in favor of the unions and the workers.”

Matilde Ventura 22, speech pathology student, Bronx

“Improve education, reduce taxes, keep the city clean, and create jobs.”

Derrick Houston, 30, freelancer, Brooklyn

“Give me a lifetime press pass.”

Morayda Rosado 40, guidance counselor, Bronx

“Give the city workers a raise and better working conditions. Many of them have been working without a contract since 2009. Create a better image for educators, and public schools (instead of charter schools). Lobby for different graduation requirements for ELL and reevaluate the new state test.”

Bill de Blasio wins by a large margin.

Janeth Torres, 22, employee at a clothing store, Bronx

“Improve the MTA and lower the city taxes.”

Emmanuel Perez, 28, study abroad coordinator, Bronx

“Show more interest in environmental issues, put the MTA in check, improve the failing public school system, and put pressure on landlords and developers, to make it affordable for New Yorkers to live in a decent area. Support a system where the community works hand-in-hand with the police”

Alejandra Bodden, 24, intern, Bronx

“A better education system.”

Miriam Melendez, 58, school aide, Bronx

“Give a raise to DOE employees.”

Marisa Melendez, 22, part-time worker, Bronx

“Regulate better the MTA services and pricing.”

John Donohue Jr, 50, doorman, Bronx

“I want him to work for the regular Joe, not for the wealthy or the tourists.”

Kelly Carmody, 23, bookkeeper and bar owner, Bronx

“Focus on fixing New York’s economy for the middle class, and not on stupid laws to help people be healthy. If people want to smoke or drink Big-gulps, they are going to.”

Zora Carter, security guard, Bronx

“Raise pay wages and lower rent. Too much homeless are on the streets.”

Andy Ozria, student, Bronx

“Have more people-friendly events and give back.  An example would be a “free-ice-cream Friday.” Something delicious and enjoyable.”

Marisol Pachero, student, Bronx.

“Build more dorms in the city. Lehman College is a nice campus, but culture on campus is weak because of the lack of dorms. City kids want this experience, if they aren’t able to go away.”

Frende’ Tillery, 21, receptionist at The Board of Elections, Manhattan

“Clean up poorer communities and provide text books, computers, and supplies for students. Work on lowering student loan debt.”

Devon Matthews, 23, student, Bronx

“Promote more charitable events, community services, and outreach programs for the youth”

Ebony Chavis, 24, administrative assistant

“Focus on education and create more after school programs, so the students have a greater chance of passing the city wide test. Raise the minimum wage, and make housing more affordable.”

Delmer Contreras, 27, maintenance worker, Bronx

“Lower the MTA fare. I’m getting tired of spending over $100 every couple of weeks on Metrocards.”

Michelle, 40, teacher, Bronx

“A law that doesn’t allow your electricity or gas to be shut off if you don’t pay. In the Bronx, four children were killed in a fire caused by a candle. If the mother was given an extension, it wouldn’t have happened.”

Kenya, 32, student, Bronx

“Give back to those who really need the help.”

Horatio Irizarry, 24, sales associate, Bronx

“Improve my life economically.”

Donna Moore, 22, YMCA coordinator, Bronx

“Bring new energy to the stand because we had Bloomberg for too long.  I am for “stop and frisk” in a more regulated manner. If the new mayor can take control of that and incorporate it everywhere, it can be a great safety tactic.”

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