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By Rachelle Anthony

New Yorkers of all ages came out to Run the Bronx at Bronx Community College on May 2. The events — 10K, 5K races and 2-mile walk — began and ended at the college.

Many parents joined the 2-mile fitness walk with young children by their sides or in strollers. Alvin Carr said he was the 2-mile walk after recovering from surgery. “We’re in a program in Odyssey House called Weight Watchers and We Are Fit,” said Carr. “We’ve got about 50 people here running. You feel good watching all the other people come out and interact.”

Booray Nour was the first 5K runner to finish. “I feel very good,” said Nour. “I ran the same race last year and I won it. Since then I’ve practiced every week, like five miles every day.”

The event was started by former B.C.C. President Dr. Roscoe C. Brown, said Jose Ramos, co-founder of the event. “Roscoe wanted to open up the doors of Bronx Community College to the people in the Bronx. He said, ‘Why don’t we walk and run the concourse through Bronx Community College and at the same time people can come and see all the different buildings that you have here, a lot of historical sites are here in this place,’” said Ramos.

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Lateefah Adams from Manhattan ran the 5K. “This is my first time running for this event,” she said. “I run a lot of 5Ks and 10Ks.” Asked if she will one day run the New York City Marathon, she said, “Definitely yes, that’s one of my goals.”

Althea Baily, Director at Bronx Community College, was manning tables of bananas, apples, bagels and water set up for participants. “We get donations of food, fruits, bananas, (they need the potassium), and apples, bagels, and water,” she said. “The community college works collaboratively and wants the community to be a part of what’s going on on campus.”

Lorraine Sanders from Brooklyn did the 2-mile walk. “It was very exhilarating,” she said. “The atmosphere is nice and warm and it’s nice to be around people who share the same enthusiasm for walking.”

Former President Dr. Roscoe C. Brown addressed the crowd and participants received medals in an award ceremony. Trophies were handed out to first, second and third place runners in the 5K and 10K categories.

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