175 Years of Photography

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By Jarrett Spence

Public Eye: 175 Years of Photography shows different ways that photographs have been shot and shared with the public since 1839.

In recent years, more photographs have been created, viewed and shared than ever before because of social media. But, as the exhibit illustrates, photography has long been social.

Photo sharing today is done through social media, magazines, books, albums, slideshows, and art galleries. Facebook alone is a repository of more than 250 billion images. In the past, people would leave photos as calling cards.

Photos of the street are probably the oldest form of photography. As cameras became more affordable and portable, more street photos have been created, expanding the genre. There are also more photos of the Earth than ever with the advent of drones and satellite images.

The exhibit is at the New York Public Library on 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue until January 3, 2016.

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