Sumnlite’s Mixtape Release


By Dominique Holloman

Often independent artists have trouble finding people to work with and support their music. Sumnlite, a New York Indie rapper, can’t say the same. Ever since he stepped into the music scene, Sumnlite has had support from all over New York and overseas.

Many of his peers attended a recent mixtape release party. There were Queens’s artists Teemonee, X Jones and Kev Lite, Scooba Steve, who is from Boston, and Y-Rome from Harlem. There was also Josen who is from New York City.

Some would say that the sound of Sumnlite’s music reflects the sound of Harlem rap group ASAP Mob. His music has a smooth vibe, while some songs have a demonic sound to them. The new mixtape comes three years after his last. Sumnlit explained the long delay was in part due to his struggle with pill addiction. At one point, a man in the audience told Sumnlit that he had “oxies, percs and weed” to which he responded, “I don’t do that.” Many in the crowd congratulated him on his overcoming addiction.

Sumnlite2The showcase took place at Sabit Shop in Lower Manhattan, where Sumnlite sells snapbacks from his brand ‘LITESUMN.’ The storeowners were sitting behind a table, watching everyone perform with smiles on their faces.

Being in the middle of each performance, you felt the high energy from the performers and the audience. Some sang along, others joined in a mini mosh pit, bouncing off each other and, at one point, lifting Sumnlite above their heads. Passers by walked into the shop and asked what was going on.

By the end of the night everyone was making plans to continue celebrating in the city. You can listen to the new mixtape ‘.SLITE,’ on Soundcloud, and watch his two new videos, ‘Skeem Watch,’ and ‘Off The Sh*tz’ on YouTube.

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