Are You Voting November 8th?


Maria Perez, 53, Bronx
“This is my way of commemorating all of the people that lost their lives in order to obtain this basic right [to vote]. I also believe that just like the last Presidential election, this election is of importance because a woman is the Democratic forerunner for the position of Commander in Chief.”

Marika Solei Nieves, 27, Bronx
“Yes, but it won’t be for Trump because he’s a racist, cruel, ignorant man with too much money and not enough knowledge to be president of the USA. I don’t want to vote for Hillary because I feel there are people pulling the strings behind the scenes … I don’t feel she is sincere … She may improve some things if she is in office, but I feel she is just the lesser evil of the two.”


Sasha Perez, 19, Bronx
“No, I refuse to vote for a sneaky liar like Hillary Clinton and definitely refuse to vote for a racist [like] Donald Trump, who wants to build a wall to prevent my Hispanic people to gain better opportunities in this country and blatantly disrespects the Muslim community.”


Mariah Resto, 24, Harlem
“Yes, even though Hillary Clinton wasn’t my preferred choice, I feel like she is way more qualified than Donald Trump. Why not continue to be groundbreaking…by having the first African-American president to now having the first woman as president in back to back elections.”


Christine Negron, 40, Bronx
“We build our nation with votes. It’s our right, duty, and honor to vote because it can make a difference. Through voting, you have the opportunity to influence the government and demand change.”

Esther Mendoza, 40, Bronx
“Yes, I am going to vote. I feel like it’s a right that we have as U.S citizens. It is a responsibility, because we as citizens are very opinionated. But when it comes down to action, we tend to be inactive. We tend to talk the talk but not necessarily walk the walk.”


Alina Zhong, 21, Queens
“I will be voting, but presidential elections are not the important ones… it’s the ones further down on the list. Presidential elections get too much emphasis and many people are aware of who is running, but most people are not aware of the candidates of local elections, which affects people more than presidential elections.”

Chloe Chai, 20, Queens
“Without a doubt, I will be voting this year. It will be the first presidential election I am eligible to vote in, and I want to exercise my right to do so. The values and progress of this country are at stake this year, which doesn’t give me much of a choice but to vote, make my voice heard, and to help represent my community on the ballot.”

Omariys Rodriguez, 25, Bronx
“Whether I agree with the candidates or not, I think it’s very important for me as woman, as a minority to vote. I’m an advocate for it.”



Edward Rondot, 52, Bronx
“I am going to vote exercise my constitutional right. Each and every vote counts, mine is no different. My vote will hopefully be a deciding factor in electing the next president.”


Mari Martinez, Bronx
“Yes, I am voting November 8, because I am a person who believes that every vote counts and we need to make a difference.”

Shandery Rodriguez
“I am going to vote because I think it’s important to participate in the election. Neither candidate is ideal but it’s the one thing we as citizens can do to help shape America.”


Stephan Brakye
“I plan to vote and I plan to vote for Hillary. She’s been in the Senate, White House and she has good policy ideas.”

Kevin Weah
“Oh yeah, I will! I’ve been voting since 08′ when I was 18. Though it’s only one vote, I feel like it’ll make a difference.”

Jahdaya Francis
“No, I won’t be voting, but if I were, I’d write Bernie on the ballot.”


Steven Hale
“I will not be voting because I don’t have trust or faith in either Trump or Hillary. I don’t feel either one of them will make a good leader for our country.”

Alexandra Pniewski
“Yes I am, because despite both candidates being unsuited for this election, I believe it is my duty as an American to vote. I don’t believe that any of the two candidates will contribute anything good to America, so unfortunately I will now have to vote for the less unqualified of both candidates.”

Victoria Pacheco, 18, Yonkers
“Yes, because women suffragists would be proud of me, even though the choices are terrible. They fought for my right to vote!”


Cecilio Colon, 18, Yonkers
“Yeah, cause I eventually want to get into politics. What kind of leader would I be if the first time I was able to vote I didn’t take the chance?”

Zulma Justiano
“I am voting for Hillary Clinton because basically, Donald Trump is a scary individual. He is not a politician. He is a businessman that has nothing else better to do. His lack of world knowledge lets me know that he is going to run this country in the hole, and minorities are the ones who will suffer the most.”


Alphonso Lacroix
“I am voting for Hillary Clinton, not because I think she is a better candidate, but because she is the lesser of two evils. Either way the election goes, this country will be in a bad way, but at least with Hillary, there is room for improvement. Donald Trump is mean and surly. He is stuck in his ways and his ignorant train of thought is a threat to our very existence.”


Emely Nuñez, 20, Bronx
Emely-Nunez“Yes. I am more politically involved and I don’t want Donald Trump to win. I think it’s time for our youth to be more politically involved. I love Bernie Sanders; I feel like we didn’t take advantage of all the good things he had to offer. One of my favorite things he said is when he promised to make two-year colleges tuition free. It could’ve benefited a lot of people.”

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