Comedy of Room 28


By Frances Latalladi

Laughter and applause comes from the crowd as the talented comedians of Room 28 act out their sketch “So you think I’m Stuuuupid?” Rachel “La Loca Muniz” portrays a Latina T.V. show host from BronxNet as she hosts a mock Dating Game episode to try to find the man of her dreams.

Valentine’s Day is the theme for tonight’s show and couples in the crowd are relating to the skits as they burst out into laughter. Rachel’s sidekick and co host “CHIQUITIN” holds up a hand-written sign reading APPLAWS to get the crowd to interact. Room 28 is a Latino based sketch comedy troupe taking over New York City one laugh at a time. The comedy troupe is made up of eight friends. Room 28 showcases their comedy through live productions, filmed skits and internet outlets such as You tube, Facebook, Instagram and Vine.


“We started as a team of five and we have grown to a team of eight,” says Rachel Muniz, one of the creators of Room 28. “Latino comedians are scarce in this industry. We want to break the barrier for Latino comedians and show people we can be funny too.”

Building their fan base through internet outlets, Room 28 has been able to take its online sketches to the stage, performing at locations like El Museo del Barrio and Stage 48 in New York City.

Check out some of their latest skits Room 28 Oscar Parodies on YouTube:

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