Trump’s Wall or New York Contracts


By Onaly Perera

Protesters braved wet weather and cold wind to rally in Foley Square on March 7 against New York businesses that are placing bids for President Trump’s border wall. Public Advocate Letitia James held the event. James and her colleagues are currently working on signing a bill that will force any businesses to choose between building the wall or millions of dollars in future contracts with the city.

“Companies have a choice, help build the wall, a monument to racism and bigotry, or do business in New York City. We won’t allow you to do both,” said James in a statement.

Various civil liberties groups came together in support of the cause. Dr. Muhammad Hussein from the United African Congress said immigrants were an asset to the community. “If it weren’t for immigrants from Mexico I would have been culturally poorer,” he said. Speakers from the Workmen’s Circle, and the Asian American Community Consultation were there to support the cause as well.

According to a review done by the offices of Letitia James, 18 companies who have expressed interest in building the wall have also been contracted by the city at one point, totaling $830 million in contracts. James said in a statement, “The same cranes that President Trump uses for his wall cannot simply be turned around to build our schools.”


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