South Bronx Farmers Market

By Steve Hasou

The South Bronx Farmers Market is open year round and provides healthy alternatives to residents in the Bronx.

Located on the south side of 138th Street, between Alexander and Willis Avenues, the market attracts people from all over the borough. Vendors set up along the sidewalk every Wednesday and Saturday of the week between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Their mission is to combat obesity, diabetes, and heart conditions, among other health issues facing Bronxites.

According to the Bronx District Public Health Office, approximately one in four children in public elementary schools is obese and one in four children are obese in high school. One in four Bronx adults are obese and two in three are overweight.

Walking along the sidewalk, you will see tents extending down the road with fresh produce and other healthy options. You can learn how the produce is grown and where it comes from, listen to several individuals give out cooking tips and recipes. It is a fun way to get out into the community and create a relationship with local farmers. Want your children to get off the couch and see the outdoors? Then coming to this farmers market will have them excited for more.

Amy, 27, a Bronx native, has been coming to this farmers market since 2016. She she says loves the way the produce lasts much longer in the fridge than produce she buys at local grocery stores.

“It has to be something about where the grocery stores purchase their produce, she said. “I buy some cucumbers and tomatoes and other things for a salad, by the end of the week they are already rotten.”

There are many practices in local grocery stores that might shock the average buyer. A study conducted by Lindstom shows that the average apple on the shelf can have been picked over a year ago. The grocery store will leave the item in a cold storage to keep a quantity available when the season for that specific fruit or vegetable is over.

Anthony Mela, 27, visited the farmers market for the first time this year. He likes it and believes that because of the creativity and togetherness of the market, it is and will be successful for many years.

“Most places you go just have a few tents up with some fruits and vegetables,” he said. “This place is great. You get to see the freshness while interacting with the community and learning new techniques.”

The farmers market is not just produce, there are cooked foods, activities for the kids and adults, cooking lessons and much more. It gets five-star reviews on Facebook.

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