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What Kind of a President Does the Country Need?

What Kind of a President Does the Country Need?

As the 2016 election season heats up, we asked New Yorkers who they wanted to see as the next commander-in-chief.


Ever wanted to build your own business? BenetPlus, a social commerce platform, gives you that chance. Giving you access to sell tons of services and products from big name brands and companies, anything from Cell phones, to cable TV packages. BenetPlus is focused on growing your own network of customers and recruiting new members to […]

Dream Scholar

A federal program implemented at the state level now threatens to split immigrant families, deport people for minor offenses, and even lead to racial profiling. It’s called Secure Communities and its just one of the programs that activist, Yajaira Saavedra, fights to eliminate. Yajaira is the Policy Director of Dream Scholar, a program dedicated to […]

Give Them to Eat Ministry

Even after the official end of the recession, about 40 percent of the South Bronx residence is battling poverty. ┬áThe “Give Them to Eat Ministry” is an organization dedicated to fighting hunger and immigrant abuse in the Bronx. ┬áVolunteer from this organization, Marianela Sarotis, lets us in on the importance of giving back to the […]

Bronx Smoke Free Partnership

Bronx Smoke Free Partnership

The Bronx Smoke-Free Partnership is a health advocacy group that increases awareness of tobacco control issues in the Bronx among community members and policymakers.

Bronx River Alliance

Deputy Director Maggie Greenfield explains how the Bronx River Alliance works to keep the river clean and vibrant.

Tackling Immigration

Presidential candidates are talking about it, states are blaming the federal government for failing to deal with it, and Washington seems incapable of fixing our broken system.

Launch of the Bronx Journal Website

The Bronx Journal is not just the name of this show. It is now a multimedia website featuring the best works by lehman college journalism and communication students. It was launched just this month, and it features articles, opinion columns, photo slide shows, audio podcasts and videos from this program. Professors Elaine Rivera and Christine McKenna discuss how the website will take students into the new age of journalism.

New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera

Newly elected New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera representing the 33rd District of the Bronx made headlines when he was declared victorious over embattled Senator Pedro Espada. He stopped by The Bronx Journal to talk about his current agenda that included rent regulation, and a millionare tax fund.

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