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U. N. Chief Calls for Compassion for Immigrants

U. N. Chief Calls for Compassion for Immigrants

Ban Ki-moon recalled his flight from Korea in the 1950s as he spoke of the current plight of millions of refugees.

Oh Sit! 14 Sculptors Consider the Chair

Oh Sit! 14 Sculptors Consider the Chair

Exhibit organizers say the point of the collection is to get New Yorkers to really consider the concept of a chair. “In a frantic world, finding a chair can be almost impossible and settling comfortably into one can be an enormous satisfaction.”

Tap Dancer – Cartier Conway

Called the Sammy Davis of our generation, Cartier Conway is a singer and tap dancer whose inspired people with his story. After rough times in his life his love of the arts has always kept him striding for success. With performances at the Apollo, and even an opportunity to perform for former President Bill Clinton […]

Lloyd Ultan – Historian

To preserve and spread the history of the Bronx is the main goal of The Bronx County Historical Society. It’s this same society that Professor Lloyd Ultan visited to get a free lecture on the History of the Bronx. Ever since then he hasn’t looked back, now known as the official Bronx Historian, Lloyd Ultan […]

Artist – Divine Komp’l

Divine Komp’l, an up and coming rapper, tries to set his own trends and create his own style of music. With an in-house producer providing the beats, Komp’l comes up with the lyrics and brings the attitude to the recording. Tara Ernest sits down with Komp’l to discuss his reasons for becoming a rapper and […]

Bronx Documentary Center

Using photography and film as educational tools this center aims to teach the importance of journalism. The Bronx Documentary Center is a non-profit gallery, but a community building space at heart. The exhibition always holds events of interest to people of the Bronx, whether it is panel open discussions, photography gallery, and film showings, always […]


Immigration is one of the most controversial topics today. As of now the process for an immigrant to try to become an American citizen is painstakingly long, tedious, and difficult. Immigration Attorney, Myriam Sánchez Hildenbrand, stops by The Bronx Journal to discuss how some potentially new law reforms can affect immigrants applying for citizenship. Prof. […]

Famous Gems Clothing

Fashion Designer Anthony Small has been able to make a living doing something he loves to do. It’s simple, can’t find anything out there you like to wear? Make something yourself. Design what you would like to wear and that’s exactly what Anthony Small does.  Creating his own style of clothing, Anthony Smalls gained enough […]

Childs’ Party Service

After not being able to find an entertainer for his daughters birthday party, Earl Childs decided to try it himself. What started out as a last minute gig for fun turned into a family business going on for 25 years now. Earl Childs, aka Jelly-Bean, educates kids on fire safety and child bullying, as well […]

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