Bronx Dominican Parade Preparations

Dominican Parade Preparations

By Lennin Reyes

The Bronx Journal Staff Writer

In July, thousands of Dominicans will line up along the Grand Concourse to celebrate their homeland. The build-up to that event began on June 25, as Dominican dignitaries, personalities, and members of the media gathered at the Tetté Lounge in Inwood for a press conference.

Parade organizers Felipe Febles and Rosa Ayala announced some of the parade’s star attractions, including 29-year radio veteran Alipio “Coco” Cabrera as the king of the parade and political hopeful Carlos Gomez as the grand marshal.

“To have a strong community, we have to support our politicians, our entrepreneurs, and our athletes,” Gomez said. “Let’s march together to show our unity.”

Presenter Franco Cruz said he was delighted to see the presence of Puerto Rican State Senator Gustavo Rivera, whose 33rd Senate District in the Bronx features many Dominicans. “It’s good to see Puerto Ricans uniting with the Dominicans,” Cruz said. “I might not be Dominican, but I am a Dominicano postizo (detachable Dominican),” Senator Rivera said.

Dominican Parade Preparations

Joining the dignitaries and presenters were about a dozen ladies who are the Queens of the Bronx Dominican Parade. “My family keeps in tune with Dominican traditions,” Carolina Torres, 18, said. “Even though we live in New York, we keep the Dominican culture alive.”

The Bronx Dominican Parade organization also hands out scholarships to college students. The message was clear in one of the posters, which translated to, “With education and immigration, a great nation is constructed.”

In addition to the parade, there will be a list of events building up to the July 29 spectacular, including the annual Popular Duartiano Festival on Clay Avenue and 173rd Street.

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