What Kind of a President Does the Country Need?

As the 2016 election season heats up, we asked New Yorkers who they wanted to see as the next commander-in-chief.


“I think America is ready to elect a woman as president because one of the best secretaries of state was Hilary Clinton. She did a great job. So we are ready to put a woman in a higher place. We live in a country that advocates for equality. Some people won’t be ready for that but I think 50 or 60 per cent of Americans are ready for that.” – Joan Wallace, 27, Morris Heights

“In my opinion, the country needs to elect a Christian president, or a president who serves for the loving God. We need a president who focuses on advancing the capacities of the American people and the people from all other countries to be their most loving, charitable, righteous, and kind selves.” – Angelique Aurellano, 23, Woodlawn

“The country needs to elect a woman president because I believe in equality between both genders. I believe that a woman is capable of doing what a man can do and that having a woman president will show that this country is truly a country of freedom and equality. We need to try and respect one another despite your color, ethnic background, religion, or orientation.” – Andrew Aurellano, 22, Woodlawn



“Women are stronger than men anyway and do more stuff than men do. Just give them a chance. I am thinking about Hillary. [Bill] Clinton was a good president, so Hillary would be a good president.” – Mario Allamby, 27, Morris Heights



“I think this country needs a democratic president who can further improve the work that Obama started. The president should be someone like Bernie Sanders.” – Rolando Colon, 25, Allerton

“Hmm, such a good question. This country needs to elect a gay president! That’s when America will receive honesty. Have you ever met a gay/lesbian person that doesn’t tell you how things really are? They’re honest and state their mind.” – Janice Merchan, 38, Rego Park



“This country needs to elect a gay president because it’s different. Everyone is so afraid of change but it is exactly what this country needs. A change like that would suit America.” – Stephanie Bonilla, 19, Morrisania

“I say it should be a Democrat because they support the middle class people. For example, they believe that there should be higher tax rates for those who have higher incomes. They are liberals, they want to decrease the military spending, and so forth. If a Republican is selected, they will mostly favor the rich, and make things more difficult for middle class individuals.” – Robert Jaccoi, 30, Pelham Parkway

“This country needs to elect a female president. Throughout history, our country has been governed by male figures [who] have not contributed many positive outcomes. It is time for a change and there is not a better way than electing a female president because she would be able to make decisions from a different perspective.” – Alvin Ortega, 20, University Heights

“We need to go back to basics, even ancient Egypt had female leaders. I think that there are differences between men and women, maybe these differences are what can lead this country. I just don’t think people are ready to accept that yet.” – Christian Fernandez, 19, Southern Boulevard, Bronx

“Regardless of race or gender, this country needs to elect a president who is knowledgeable and can make a change in the politics of civil rights … because of the many racial issues that have come up today.” – John Abesamis, 26, Zerega Avenue, Bronx
“We need somebody truly visionary for the people, not bought by lobbyists. Someone who can set a good example internationally.” – Giovanni Livingston, 35, Washington Heights

“We need a Hispanic woman as president! That would be a great slap in the face to Trump. I’d really love to see that. It was a great start with Obama. Minorities are rising high.” – Giannina Delgado, 31, Riverdale

“This country needs to elect a woman president but not Hilary. From my observation she is tired and not prepared to withstand the issues that need to be taken care of.” – Stephanie Patrony, Bronx

“I would like to see Jeb Bush for President. I’ve always loved the Bush family. Personally, I am a woman of old tradition; where men are in charge. The husband is the man of the house and is the one in charge. So should be our president, not a woman like Hillary.” – Mercy Macias, 54, Bronx

“So far I’m on the anyone but Trump platform. I don’t know if there’s a candidate that exists for me. I want someone fiscally conservative, yet socially liberal. Someone that will legalize weed on the federal level, protects women’s rights, and also repeals the Affordable Care Act.” – John Allen, 66, Riverdale

“This country needs to elect a Hispanic president. The United States is known for its diversity within the population. Our presidents in the past have [failed] to represent certain populations in our country. With our current president being African American, now its time for a Hispanic president to represent.” – Juanita Morales, 65, East Tremont

“I want another black president because I want someone to place a specific emphasis on economic development in the black community. I feel Obama could have done more in that aspect. I think a white president could also do this but I feel a black president would care enough to actualize this development because of his roots.” – Michael Bell, 22, Mt. Vernon



“This country needs to elect a Democrat president, because I feel Democrats are more open minded to social issues compare to Republicans. Personally, I don’t care for their race/gender when it comes to who I feel is right for this country.” – Antoinette Dildy, 21, Parkchester
“This country needs to elect a president who can win over Congress because the important laws that matter can’t be passed.” – Jason McFarlane, 20, Williamsbridge

“I would prefer an independent party president because I believe the other parties (Democratic and Republican) make policies based on their own party alignment instead of compromising for policies that benefit all. Policy shouldn’t be crafted by one dominant party. It should be influenced by both.” – Pedro McPherson, 63, Bronx

“We need a president who used to be poor. Not these ninth generation rich people who think struggle means not having enough closet space. We need a president who knows what it means to starve, to fight for his life, to look his child in the eye and tell him that he can’t afford the toy he wants. We need a president who actually isn’t part of the 1 percent.” – Nate Powell, 38, South Bronx

“I would like the next president of the United States to be a progressive Hispanic that grew up in the slums.” – Josuel Checo, 23, Harlem



“It depends on the person … and what they’re able to do for our nation. The race or sexual preference of a person does not determine their abilities or skills or whether or not they’ll guide us in the right direction.” – Madeline Pegero, 19, Kingsbridge
“The country needs another Democratic president, of course, simply because Democrats have our best interests at heart while Republicans will make the rich richer and take our financial aid.” – Gabrielle Castro, 21, Allerton

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