New Yorkers Evaluate Trump’s Performance


“I think Trumps Presidency is really, really bad and it’s only going to get worst. He acts like a child, he’s not a politician and he’s not a diplomat. He is going to get us into trouble. He is a racist and all kind of bad things. I could go on for days.” — Michael Bonjovi, 47, Bronx



“I am pretty worried about it, to be honest, worried about everything in terms of his immigration policies and how it could effect not only my family but a bunch of other people that I know personally. Not only that. Even what’s going on abroad, all his ties and his cabinet member ties to Russia — that’s also worrying.” — Antonio Flores, 21, Bronx


“I think he is a powerful joke. It’s really hard to describe what he’s doing. I think Donald Trump is just a bad dark side that we don’t want to see, that no one wants to face in our life and now he is part of our reality.” — Raymord Nova, 21, Bronx.


“Trump racially profiles and targets minorities, while disrespecting and stereotyping large groups of people, all of which are unbecoming of a president.” — Jose Bautista, 22, Bronx

Erik Moore

“Although I might not agree with what’s he’s doing with the wall, the only reason I wouldn’t mind it is because he said he would pay $85 an hour to work on the wall and honestly I wouldn’t mind earning that extra money. I think he’s unconventional to what a normal presidency would be in the United States. Very different. He’s trying to fix America, his ways are unorthodox but his intentions are good. He’s an average male, his whole scandal about woman is basically what every man is thinking … in a way, what guys talk about when they’re together. But since he’s a high profile person it’s taken out of context, contorted to go against him while he was running for president by the Hillary campaign.” — Lance Corporal Erik Moore, 19, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, California.


Laritza Mendez

“I’m still not convinced about him. He still has a lot to prove as a president and as a leader of the country.” — Laritza Mendez, 51, Bronx


Alexis Cumba

“I think president Trump has been very much of a coward so far. He has promised a lot of things, including equality, but has put forth only the opposite. He’s very selfish and knows that what he’s doing is wrong which is why he skips presidential events. So, with that being said, he’s doing horribly.” — Alexis Cumba, 19, Bronx


Hamilton Lantigua

“Trump ran his presidential campaign as an outsider. He ran on the things that were forefront in the minds of a majority of the citizens of United States. He’s giving voice to how I feel.” — Hamilton Lantigua, 54, Long Island


Ramon Mendez

“Trump is the result of years of Republicans letting racism and sexism fly in their party, but also the result of Democrats not truly doing anything for the workers and selling themselves to Wall Street.” — Ramon Mendez, 23, Harrison, N.J.


David Landstiner

“Donald Trump is one of a kind. He is truly an outsider to the fake politician world that is in Washington D.C. Border security is essential to us and he is making it possible.” — David Landstiner, 16, Mankato, MN


Genaro Perez

“I think his presidency and administration is a complete reversal of where our country was headed or was attempting to strive for. He has hired people with no experience, like Betsy Devos as the leader of the Department of Education, not to mention the mountain of executive orders he continues to spat out daily. It’s a clear abuse of power that’s accompanied by totalitarian rhetoric.” — Genaro Perez, 19, Bronx


Evelise Rodrigo

“At the moment, I feel he is doing an okay job when it comes to trading. But the banning of immigrants from mostly Muslim countries is a little upsetting, being that our nation was built by immigrants. I see he’s trying to build more jobs in the U.S., yet makes deals with people overseas and that is only going to cause issues across the world. Trump needs to find ways for us to work together instead of trying to isolate the U.S. — Evelise Rodrigo, 22, Bronx


“It would be an understatement to say that our 45th president. Donald Trump, is a polarizing figure. So far in his presidency, people are divided on so many things such as the ‘oh-so famous immigration ban’ and tons of other things like his Cabinet choices. I believe that Trump is doing his best and that may not be the best that people wanted, such as myself. But that is what we have. And we must support him and hope for the best. And hope he does better in the following four years.” — Victor Marinez, 17, Bronx



“I don’t have many positive things to say about him in terms of immigration, because fear is in the air and that’s a shame. But in terms of taxation, I’m with the guy. I think that overall he is not that bad. But let’s see what happens next. Let him surprise us one more time!” — Angel Almonte, 25, Yonkers


“I think Trump is only good in the sense that he exposed the racism that has been hidden for so long. But I do not agree with any of his executive orders and I don’t think his presidency is going to last long. I believe trump is a liar, narcissistic, misogynist, bigoted, childish, ignorant, racist.” — Flordelis Jimenez, 22, Bronx.


“I think we should give the guy a chance because one, he is already the president and two, he isn’t that wrong about the things he says. So why not just see what chances we have with him? On top of that, America’s next four years were going to be a mere adventure no matter who was sitting on that chair. He might be bad, but she (Hillary Clinton) wasn’t a saint either.” — Cesar Lantigua, 21, Queens


“I don’t like what he’s doing with his policies, a lot of them are just unconstitutional. They are clearly targeted against a specific group of people. He is using fear tactics instead of actually having ideas that are to be protecting our country and ‘making America great again’ and bringing back jobs.” — Victoria Smith, 18, Bronx


“Donald Trump is not doing well as President of the United States. He has taken away many beneficial things from so many people, such as Obamacare.” — Daniel Uriel, 15, Manhattan


“Not too good. Trump is causing more chaos than peace. It seems as though he hasn’t found his niche in a formal form of structure since he has been in office. Trump is a Hitler in disguise and is slowly but surely trying to bring back segregation.” – Cristina Mercado, 30, Bronx


“Trump is not conducting himself at the stature of a true president. He does not look for the best in the people or the best for the country. He mostly focuses and quietly promotes hate, separations of nations and division of nationalities.” — Wandorlin Gonzalez, 35, Poughkeepsie

“Not good. He’s crazy. He doesn’t have any idea. He forgot that Americans aren’t as stupid as he thinks they are.” — Samantha Montagna, 25


“The way he [Trump] is handling the whole situation of immigration is very aggressive, and he is taking it very far. I believe that we all deserve an opportunity and that this country was and is built by immigrants. If there is any reason why people want to come to America it is because of that dream of opportunity, the American Dream.” — Isela De La Cruz, 40, Poughkeepsie

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