World’s Largest Pumpkin

The world’s largest pumpkin was on display for everyone to see at the New York Botanical Gardens in October. Steve Geddes and Laurel Buccino from Boscawen, New Hampshire, grew the pumpkin, beginning mid-April. It weighs 2,528 pounds, which is equivalent to the weight of two grizzly bears. (by Deanna Garcia)

Many families gathered together to listen to the growers’ journey. Geddes and Buccino wore white suits over their clothing because they planned to climb inside the pumpkin together.

The Great Pumpkin Commonwealth has been inviting the world’s largest pumpkins to the Botanical Gardens since 2011. There were 110 weigh offs this year for pumpkins across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Japan.

Giant pumpkins are a pale orange-pink color rather than bright orange, which is normally seen during the Halloween season. Growers all over the world have the one goal to try to grow the biggest possible pumpkin for that year,.

Parents placed their children on top of the giant pumpkin to pose for pictures. Growers spend many hours a day to take care for their fruit.

“I’m going to see if the both of us could squeeze in,” Geddes said, “It might get a little tight in there.” Geddes and Laurel Buccino used a saw to cut open the 12-inch pumpkin shell.

Geddes climbed inside the pumpkin and handed Buccino the seeds and guts.

“It’s important that these seeds get harvested, disinfected, and dried correctly so they can be distributed to the growers,” said Geddes. Buccino began to crawl inside while Geddes repositioned himself so they could both fit.

“It’s a different environment inside the pumpkin,” said Buccino. “It’s nice and cool, and actually very quiet if you put the lid back on.” Once out, Buccino closed the pumpkin hole to keep it from rotting on the inside. Geddes said he thought it might be the first time that two grown men were inside a pumpkin but then granted “It may have been done before.”

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