Spring/Break Art Show

By Anyaris Rivas

Spring is right around the corner but “Spring/Break Art Show” is already in the city for the art lovers. The theme this year is Fact and Fiction.  The exhibition features curators and artists from New York City and Los Angeles.

The exhibition asks you to open your eyes and imagination, because some of the works’ message are not immediately apparent.

“Drug Money” is a human-sized plastic pill bottle full of money. The challenge is try and catch as much cash as you can in 30 seconds.

One exhibition you appreciate from top to bottom because it is created upside down. Inside, your feet can touch the sky and you can sit in the clouds. You can watch the cactus grow from above. Some grow from the bottom of the sky and some from the top of your head. The light of the bright sun hits you in the face. The room feels a bit like the inside of a dream, one where you are not sure if you are going to be able to wake up.

Several common threads are politics, hate, sexuality and racism.  In the first picture on the left, Oasa DuVerney’s revealing art starts with “Edward Snowden, Intelligent is Overrated” and “Al Sharpton from the Illustrated Guide to Not Been So Fucking Racist.” Both pieces are for sale for over $2,000.

“The See Something, The Say Something” combines cartoons with real issues such as increasing gas and food prices, security, poor health care for elders, and help for veterans. This work encourages citizens to speak out and say something if they see something before is too late and nothing can be done.

Sex and sexuality were also popular themes in “Eden,” which alludes to the biblical story of the creation of humanity. Alison Jacson uses body doubles to recreate or reimagine private moments of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Obama and Donald Trump.

Pieces can be purchase by the public online. For more information please visit http://www.springbreakartshow.com/

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