Krispy Kreme Arrival Means Loss For Dunkin’

By Melody Ramos

On January 29, 2020 Dunkin’ rival Krispy Kreme announced an expansion bringing their fresh baked donuts to residents in New York City by end of year. The company has plans for seven new stores throughout the city including one at 371 E Fordham Road, just a few blocks away from coffee and donut king Dunkin’.  This singular Krispy Kreme will bring much needed competition to the Bronx’s donut and coffee scene. Bronxites look forward to it’s arrival.

“I can’t wait for Krispy Kreme to open,” said Lisa Avila, Brooklyn resident. “I used to work around the Penn Station location and would get a donut all the time. Never had a fresh baked one though so I definitely can’t wait for that.”

Other residents in the Bronx agree that Krispy Kreme is an appetizing new option. “I’m not loyal to Dunkin so I’ll definitely be pulled away once Krispy Kreme opens,” said Bronx resident Miguel Rodriguez.

This new Krispy Kreme store opening will feature a baking window.  Customers can watch as their fresh donuts are made which is bound to pull customers away from tried and true Dunkin’ for their daily treats.

According to a 2019 report from The Center for an Urban Future, Dunkin has more chains than any other retailer in New York City. For the twelfth year in a row it has increased chains, totaling now 636 locations, with over 80 in the Bronx.

For any other company this may be intimidating but Krispy Kreme has a history of coming back from the brink. In the early 2000s it made changes, like using a new donut recipe and selling cold pre-packaged donuts at grocery locations. This alienated loyal customers and nearly caused Krispy Kreme to shut its doors.

But nothing could hold Krispy Kreme and its franchisees down for long. Once again the company is flourishing, having grabbed the number 17 spot in the 2017 Franchise 500 list. Krispy Kreme has maintained a prominent presence in the United States with over 300 locations and this will be its first time expanding at this level in New York, which will finally bring them to the Bronx.

While East Fordham’s lone Krispy Kreme will bring new options for excited residents, some are concerned this is another sign of gentrification. “I think there is a huge effort in New York to bring these kinds of businesses to underserved neighborhoods,” said Bronx resident Matonya Tyson, 29.

Gentrification, the process of changing the character of a neighborhood through the influx of more affluent residents and businesses, is a major concern for residents all over NYC. The arrival of certain chain businesses is commonly seen as a signal that the gentrification process has begun. Krispy Kreme may be one of those signals. “I think it kind of is a sign since it seems like the entirety of NYC is undergoing gentrification, look at Brooklyn and Harlem,” said Lisa Avila. “The Bronx is obviously the next step.”

The brand is working on becoming one with the East Fordham location by focusing on hiring the locals. According to Rachel Dobin, Krispy Kreme account supervisor Krispy Kreme is making an effort to hire Bronx residents. “In fact, more than 2,500 people registered for a hiring event the brand did in the Bronx recently,” said Dobin.

Regardless of what Krispy Kreme means to the grand design of the Bronx’s future it seems Bronx residents are ready for an alternative to Dunkin’.


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