By Brandon Barrera

A socially distanced “ArtWalk” featuring work by Gowanus artists is on display in participating storefronts, outdoor dining areas, and public spaces along a 1.5 mile stretch of Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue. The public exhibit is scheduled through November 1.

Stretching from the waterfront through 4th Avenue on Atlantic Ave, visitors can enjoy the art of Brooklyn-based artists like Seth King. His American Dream series is on display at Jao Social Club.

Artwork from Maria Dimanshtein on display at The Long Island Bar on 110 Atlantic Avenue. The ArtWalk encourages attendees to discover and support local businesses and artists.

A member of the public stops to photograph Yehudit Feinstein Mentesh’s mixed media on cardboard art on display at Better Carpet Warehouse.

A mix of passers-by and outdoor dining patrons as seen on a short section of Atlantic Avenue.

The “fences” of participating outdoor dining establishments also display featured artwork along the ArtWalk’s length. From the left: “Heart on Fire LOVEMKM” by Mary Kathryn Medlock, “Untitled” by Samantha DiBaudo, and “Beyond the Darkness” by Petrix Peter.

“Women in the Windows” by ceramic artist Syma on display at Atlantic Bagels.

An installation featuring community voices and contributions, “Neighborhood Reflections” is found in many tree beds along the avenue. This banner reads: “I can hear the birds again.”

Work from Derek Weisberg in a storefront display at Goose Barnacle, the Brooklyn Heights community center.

A closer view of “figurative sculpture” artist Derek Weisberg’s work.

A pair of portraits on display at the Dodge YMCA storefront. From the left: Artwork by Michael James Freedman, artwork by Timothy Brewer.

A photo from David Kutz’ “Pan^Opticon Project” on a fence installation. The picture shows the Presidio Modelo (model prison) in Nueva Gerona, Cuba.

Part of an art installation from artist Willow Ruth, on display at Whisk.

The ArtWalk is curated by Johnny Thornton, Yvena Despagne, Clémence Mailly, and The Imagination Collective.

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