Uptown Night Market

By Megan Walls

The Uptown Night Market, located in Harlem on West 133rd Street and 12th Avenue, has cemented its footprint there as it enters its second year. The market, which features over 50 food, beverage and craft vendors, opened July 8, 2021. It takes place on second Thursdays from April to November.

Delectable aromas from an array of global cuisines greet you as you enter. The food is eclectic like Filipino style #DeepFriedWatermelon. The booming chatter of the crowds dims 4 pm to 10 pm when guests are treated to live entertainment. The Uptown Night Market is operated by MHG, MASC Hospitality Group,  a “small and diverse, majority female operated team.” MHG has a “vendor list of over 700” according to MHG Communications Director Beatriz Torres Martinez. It is a lively event with people of all ages with an impressive variety of vendors and entertainers. This means that MHG makes it a priority to “give everyone a chance to participate,” says Martinez. MHG partnered with the “Harlem Late Night Jazz” and “City Love NYC” who often cater the event. One recurring face is DJ Cosi, who Martinez says is a “fan favorite and activates party mode.”

The scene can feel intense, but as the breeze begins to blow, and various $5, $10, and $20 bills are raised in the air in exchange for goods, visitors can put aside any burdens and enjoy themselves. MHG is expanding to various other locations, says Martinez. “Uptown Night Market will continue to grow within the community by showcasing and supporting small businesses, new artists, and Harlem as a whole.”

The Bronx Night Market is another location of the night-time festival:

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