Bronx’s Lady of Lourdes Grotto

By Sabrina Olavarria

Lady of Lourdes Grotto at St. Lucy’s church is a safe haven to many Bronxites and a way for many to experience the spiritual phenomenon without traveling to France. Inspired by the famous grotto in Lourdes, France, the Bronx grotto was built in 1939 near Allerton Avenue. The original was created after multiple Blessed Virgin Mary apparitions were reported in the mid-1850s in France.

Three women take in the miracles of the Lady of Lourdes. One kneels and prays in front of candles, one touches the holy water that flows through the stones, while another waits for her turn.

Holy water flows through the stones.

The famous statue of Bernadette or “Lady,” who had visions of the Virgin Mary. When visiting, people bring flowers to place around the Lady to show love and respect.  In some cases, they come to express gratitude if the sanctuary has healed them in any way.

People put candles in front of the stones and light them to pray that souls receive eternal peace. The memorial has names of many people who died in the parish.

Reverend Pasquale T. Lombardo, who is the founder of St. Lucy’s Church and the person who was inspired to recreate the grotto after a trip to France.

There are other statuary that are closed off for the time being.

Behind these trees is another replica of a moment in history with Jesus being crucified.

The 10 commandments.

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