Take the Tai Chi Trek in the Comfort of Your Home

By Kendrick Davis

Embarking on a journey of better health without you needing to leave your home is the what Quality of Life Now (QoLNOW) hopes to accomplish with its online tai chi classes.

Begin Your Tai Chi Journey is a free live class hosted by Kurt Klinzing that teaches essential skills for the beginner starting out in tai chi every Sunday.

Klinzing originally created the series in August of 2020 as a way to keep in touch with his friends back in Qigong, China, since he lives in Massachusetts. What started as a humble Zoom project, quickly found popularity as a featured event on the website Eventbrite when Klinzing opted to make the lessons open to the public.

Klinzing has trained in tai chi for over 20 years and has been teaching martial arts at Stoneham school for three years. His inspiration for learning came from his love of classic Japanese movies. After having his child and retiring, he figured it was his last chance to get a black belt in something.

Klinzing’s tai chi lessons teach low-strain exercises that improve organ health, lower body strength and mental health. Below are some exercises you can try, demonstrated by Klinzing himself so that you can get a feel for the kinds of workouts you should expect.

Pulling Down the Heavens 1:
Stand with your feet together and reach up and stretch to the ceiling while breathing in.

Pulling Down the Heavens 2:
Hold that position for 1 second then exhale while bringing your arms down. Do this three to five times.

Standing Like A Tree:
Start with your feet shoulder width, making sure there is a slight arch in your feet. Take deep breaths for two mins while holding the pose. You should feel warmth travel to your feet as you take your breaths.

Crescent Pose 1: This pose helps straighten the spine and massage internal organs. Spread your feet shoulder width apart. With your arms bent at a slight 90-degree angle, rest your right hand above your stomach while the left arm reaches above your head and stretches to the nearest wall.

Crescent Pose 2: Hold the pose for five seconds before alternating arms. Make sure to slowly stretch the tendons in your arms as you reach for the wall.

Shoulder Exercise 1: This exercise works out the tendons in your shoulder. You start by having your right leg forward, your left leg back. Move your left arm in a slow, circular motion backwards.

Shoulder Exercise 2: When your arm reaches above your head, you are going to turn your arm/body so it faces the wall and continue the circular motion.

Shoulder Exercise 3:
Be sure to envision yourself holding a bucket of sand so you engage the muscles in your arm as it moves. The exercise should be done forward and backwards for each arm.

Horse Stance 1: First, have your knees shoulder width with your toes pointing forward. While breathing in, reach as high as you can with your hands clasped in a prayer position.

Horse Stance 2: As you breathe out, drop down into a squat while bringing your hands down to your chest. Do this exercise five times.

Bow Pose 1: Stand with your right foot forward and left foot back so they are about three feet apart. You will then bring both arms up and pull the ‘arrow’ back with your left arm.

Bow Pose 2: When you pull back the arrow, you’ll hold the pose and take five deep breaths. Switch legs and do the reverse for the other arm.

You can join the next Sunday session or rewatch archived lessons here. Visit QoLNow’s website for more information on courses and to check out its blog.

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