Paint Puff ’N’ Peace in the Bronx

By Bryan Mejia

Paint Puff ‘N’ Peace on East Tremont Avenue is an art gallery for cannabis and CBD consumers. The Bronx store opened a year ago offering customers cannabis products and an art workshop.

This store sells different CBD and THC products, such as the popular 500 milligram cannabis gummies to relax and rest at night, oils that you place under your tongue, coffee made from cannabis, and aromatic perfumes. CBD is the abbreviation for cannabinoids or chemical compounds found in marijuana and hemp. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is another compound found in cannabis.


Indica strains and products are sedating, relaxing and have strong physical effects. Hybrid strains are made by crossbreeding two or more plants, such as sativa and indica plants, to make a hybrid. Hybrids are basically a combination of the positive characteristics of the different strains. Sativa cannabis products have an uplifting cerebral, and energetic effect. Sativa cultivars feature long, thin fanned leaves and tend to have long flowering times.

One of the best-selling products that is a coconut oil, and gel that both contain cannabis.

The art workshop is in the second room. Customers can explore their artistic sides while under the influence of cannabis and paint using their inner cognition. For $35, customers can paint and smoke inside the workshop.

The space is designed to be a peaceful safe environment where clients can feel comfortable.

Paint Puff’N’ Peace is certified and authorized by the New York State Office of Cannabis Management. To enter, you must have a New York ID to verify that you are of legal age. The ID will be scanned to verify it’s legitimate. The store follows state security standards and is only allowed to sell 20 grams of cannabis per person.

The owner Chanesly Delahoz says she has a franchise in order to open more establishments. The shop generates around $500,000 a year from sales.

For an appointment, call 718-676-4669.

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