2023 Uptown Night Market

By Nadirah Washington

If you didn’t make it to Harlem’s 2023 Uptown Night Market, you missed out. Vendors from all over the tri-state area sold dishes bursting with flavor and local small businesses plied their wares.

Humos NY

With over 100 vendors, there wasn’t an empty hand in sight on a recent trip to the market. Humos NY served flavorful fire-grilled dishes such as tender grilled brisket. By-passers could see the open grill filled with assortments of meats, vegetables, and potatoes. One Texas transplant Nathaniel raved about the Humos grilled brisket. “This is the first time I’ve eaten anything remotely close to the smoke wood style cooking back in Texas. The meat melts just like butter.” Like most of the vendors at Uptown Night Market, these business owners do not have a storefront. To order from Humos NY catering service you can visit www.humosusa.com.

Fine jewelry expert Latecha Thomas doesn’t have a store and instead promotes her business “Natural Beauties Jewelry” online.  “I’m able to reach an audience at a higher rate because I seek out customers whenever and wherever I can,” she says.

The market provided opportunities for Thomas to engage with the community she said. Thomas explained her jewelry is handmade from all organic materials like cattle and buffalo horns. A customer said it reminded her of some pieces from her family’s town.

Latecha Thomas (right)

Another customer stopped at the table and introduced herself, saying the jewelry was unique and that it was the mixture of the swirling brown colors in one of the bracelets that caught her eye. To see the jewelry, visit www.naturalbeautiesjewelry.com

The Uptown Night Market has a way of uniting culture, communities and joy. Don’t miss out on the 2024 Uptown Night Market. You can “stay in the know” by visiting www.maschospitalitygroup.com/uptownnightmarket.

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