Indestructible Pussy

By Seline Liz

The “Indestructible Pussy” is an earring, an ashtray, or an incense holder. While its appeal to a passing viewer may seem to be only shock value, there is indeed a deeper passion behind these creations. Goldie, the artist, says her intention is to bring the pussy into public conversation and have it be less stigmatized.  “It’s been a taboo in a lot of our households when we were growing up and that led a lot of young women to not know how to take care of themselves spiritually, mentally, or physically when it comes to the pussy,” says Goldie. This is why she makes soaps for feminine hygiene, she explains.

The eye-catching pink stand at Union Square gathers a crowd.

Goldie, the artist behind the “Indestructible Pussy,” posing with a friend who also runs the booth.

The booth runners call out slogans and are very friendly with anyone who’s curious or interested.

Goldie promotes her Instagram where she hopes to rebuild her following.

A display of all their different designs.

A variety of different designs and colors made from epoxy resin, ranging from vibrant colors to floral inclusions. Goldie says the larger incense tray also works as a charcuterie board. Made from Epoxy resin, it’s food safe and can’t break.

For anyone looking for more subtle merchandise, they also carry earrings.

And there is always a small keychain to take with you as a reminder that there is no shame in the pussy.


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